Radiation Therapy: The Shocking Truth the Cancer Industry Doesn't Want You to Know.

After radiation therapy proved itself to be not only a failure but also fatal to initial test subjects, the medical industry simply changed the dose, manipulated statistics and re-branded the treatment as a breakthrough for curing cancer.

It’s no surprise that blasting cancer with radiation damages the body and causes even more cancer to develop. In fact, it is even admitted on the National Cancer Institute website that radiation therapy causes cancer. Even if you survive the high doses of radiation, your health will be damaged to the point where the remainder of your life is lived in agonizing pain, with numerous potentially-fatal complications and diseases arising later in life as a result of the radiation.

So why are people still submitting to radiation for their cancer?

The answer is simple. An ignorant and uninformed population will do anything their doctors tell them to, even in the face of abundant evidence indicating great peril associated with it.  For those who are okay with living in ignorance and trusting their doctors, you reap what you sow and I wish you the best.  For those who choose to inform themselves before making decisions, this article was written to illuminate as much about radiation therapy as possible.

What is Radiation Therapy?

Simply put, radiation therapy uses special equipment to send high doses of radiation at cancer cells. Radiation works by making small breaks in the DNA inside cells. These breaks keep all cells, including cancer cells, from growing and dividing, and often cause them to die.
Side effects of radiation therapy as listed on the National Cancer Institute website include:

Acute (immediate):

  • Skin Damage (dryness, itching, blistering, or peeling)
  • Salivary Gland Damage
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Damage to area being treated (example: hair loss if head and neck are treated, or urinary problems when the lower abdomen is treated)

Chronic (later in life):

  • Memory Loss
  • Infertility
  • Bowel Damage (causing diarrhea or bleeding)
  • Fibrosis
  • A second cancer caused by radiation exposure [emphasis added].

A 2014 study published in The Lancet “found that prostate cancer patients who were treated with radiation therapy were up to three times as likely to develop a secondary cancer compared to those who underwent surgery, or compared to the general population.” The scientists also found that the group who had received radiation “had a higher incidence of hospital admissions, rectal or anal procedures and open surgical procedures, compared to those patients who had surgery.” Dr. Robert Nam, oncologist and the study’s lead author said that “patients who received radiation had rates of complications between two and 10 times higher than patients who had surgery.

For those interested, here are a couple graphic photos of the damage that radiation therapy causes when properly administered.

3 Days after Treatment

10 Days after Treatment

Suzanne Somers regretfully submitted to radiation treatment, before curing her breast cancer with mistletoe extract.  The destructive effects from the intense radiation delivered to her breast and surrounding tissues have caused her continued suffering for ten years since the treatment.  About radiation therapy Suzanne Somers wrote,

"There should be a book written on the realities of radiation and all the things that are never mentioned beforehand. With radiation, the breast gradually gets flatter and flatter until it looks as though there has been a complete mastectomy… when the swelling subsided it was considerably smaller than I had at first realized, and then it (Suzanne’s breast) began to degrade, gradually losing more and more volume until it became non-existent.”

To submit to radiation therapy is to risk suffering an entire list of agonizing side effects, with a likely chance of experiencing complications, including more cancer or death in the future. Alternatively you could use powerful nutrition-based medicines (which we at EndAllDisease.com have written about extensively and conveniently assembled for you on our Cancer Cures page) and heal yourself without any negative complications or side effects whatsoever.

Lies and Manipulation: A History of Radiation Therapy

Dr. Ralph Moss outlined the foul history of radiation therapy in his book called The Cancer Industry. The first victims of radiation therapy were researchers and physicians who received the treatment and were killed by it, without ever suspecting it was a danger to them. The second group of victims were cancer patients who received severe burns from radiation overdoses that left them either painfully mutilated or dead from radiation poisoning.

After these deaths from radiation treatment, the doses were refined, and suddenly the cancer industry exclaimed that it was a ‘breakthrough’ treatment. If by breakthrough they meant that the radiation ‘breaks through’ cells walls and damages DNA, then I completely agree.

Radiation Statistics: Deeply Flawed and Manipulated

As Dr. Ralph Moss explains in his book, the statistics about Radiation treatment were manipulated to preserve profits and cover up what was actually happening to the patients.

  • Patients with survival of 5 years or less are oftentimes listed as radiation success, even if the cancer returns later on in life.
  • Brain necrosis is a deadly side effect of radiation treatment that results in cognitive impairment at best, and death at worst. Despite the fact that radiation necrosis in the brain kills the majority of people who fall victim to it, these are not always counted statistically as cancer deaths. Statisticians then claim the radiation successfully “cured” the patient, when in reality the treatment itself actually killed the patient.
  • One of the most widespread cover-ups by the cancer industry is the long-term impact of Radiation treatment. A study found that stroke rates were 5x greater in ‘head and neck’ cancer patients who received radiation treatment. For cancer patients who die of stroke many years after radiation therapy, the official cause of death is deemed stroke, even though it was the radiation therapy that actually caused it. Another study found that radiation to the chest cavity increases heart disease risks, and that heart disease caused by radiation may not occur for 20 years or more after treatment. Neither deaths caused by radiation induced strokes, or heart disease deaths caused by radiation many years later are counted in cancer mortality statistics.

Cancer Radiation Therapy: Radiation Types
The two types of radiation blasted at the human body with radiation therapy are x-rays and gamma rays. Do Gamma rays and X-ray’s cause cancer? Absolutely. The American Cancer Society website outright admits it:

X-rays and gamma rays are known human carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). The evidence for this comes from many different sources, including studies of atomic bomb survivors in Japan, people exposed during the Chernobyl nuclear accident, people treated with high doses of radiation for cancer and other conditions, and people exposed to high levels of radiation at work, such as uranium miners.


Gamma Rays: What Nuclear Bombs and Radiation Therapy Have in Common

In 2010, the New York Academy of Sciences published a book that detailed the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, the worst nuclear disaster in history. The researchers concluded that, 24 years later, the death toll amounts to around 985,000 people, mainly of cancer. These deaths are from the period when the accident occurred in 1986 until 2004. Study authors project that even more deaths will follow as time passes. The deaths that resulted from the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in this study were caused by radiation that was released from the nuclear reactor meltdown.

When a nuclear bomb detonates, many types of radiation are created, including alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays and neutrons. Alpha and beta particles are said to be mostly harmless because they are too big to pass through much matter, and only become a serious problem when they inhaled or absorbed by food and eaten.

Gamma rays and neutrons are much more dangerous. Neutrons act like extremely small “missiles” and can penetrate matter easily, and Gamma rays are very like light, but with more energy and can easily pass through several inches of a heavy element like lead. The gamma rays found in nuclear fallout, are the same as the ones found in radiation treatment.

If the death toll caused by radiation from the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster is not enough to make you think twice about receiving radiation therapy, then maybe the effects of ionizing x-ray radiation, the other component of radiation therapy, will be.

Ionizing X-Ray Radiation:

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate clothing, and all types of body tissues. X-Ray radiation kills living cells by damaging their DNA – this includes cancer cells, as well as healthy cells.  X-rays are being increasingly used in our society, with the rising prevalence of CT Scans, Mammography, and even body scanners in airports, all to our own peril.

  • A study conducted in the UK examined the effect dental x-rays had on the incidence of thyroid cancer. The results showed that “exposure to dental x-rays was significantly associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer”.
  • According to the most comprehensive study to date, medical X-rays are the cause of many thousands of fatal cancers every year.

According to the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, radiation dose per person from medical X-rays has increased almost 500 percent since 1982.

An Alternative to Radiation Therapy?

Right now, there are literally dozens of potent nutritional-based medicines that not only kill cancer cells more effectively than chemotherapy or radiation, but they do it without harming any healthy cells in the process.

Backed by extensive medical research and real-life testimonials, we at EndAllDisease.com have written about these treatments and assembled them for you on our Cancer Cures page.  Never put your life into the hands of a doctor or anybody else; educate yourself about all treatment options, then decide which one is right for you.  


Statistical data about radiation therapy overlooks horrific long-term side effects that leave patients permanently mutilated, in constant pain with loss of bodily functions, and under chronic medical care to deal with the damage inflicted by the radiation “cancer cure.”  Patients who undergo radiation suffer side effects that often render them never the same.  Years later, when people die from complications and diseases caused by the radiation, the crooked cancer industry uses these statistical models to convince people that the treatment cured the person.

The corrupt history of radiation therapy is well documented and teaches us what we already know – that to hospitals who have invested large sums of money in expensive radiation equipment, profits come before ever admitting that the technology doesn’t work, let alone that it is killing people.

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