Healthy Tips.

Zaterdag, 28 december 2013

1- Integrate exercise into your life with walking, sports and social activities.

2- Use Sea Salt and Black Pepper to season food. Sea salt is full of minerals and pepper boosts digestion.

3- Eat when you are hungry and always to appetite. Never under eat to lose weight.

4- Carbohydrates are fine but make sure they are unrefined and whole (potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes,brown rice, whole grains etc)

5- If you are going to eat junk food, do it with a smile on your face.

6- Stretch in the evening before bed. Especially the shoulders it will help you sleep.

7- Have a hot bath regularly – a cheap easy way to relax.

8- Exercise should be short, and intense but infrequent.

9- Try to go vegetarian a 1-2 days a week

10- Taking a nap in the afternoon is totally fine and even beneficial, but keep it under 30 minutes.

11- Start the day with hot water and the juice of a fresh lemon

12- Forget supplements and get your vitamins and minerals from real food.

13- Don’t be scared of eating late at night. A small snack can lower stress hormones and allow you to sleep better.

14- Sometimes the things you are looking for in life come when you stop trying so hard to find them.

15- Snack on fruit and almonds.

16- Have one banana a day for the potassium and unique fibre.

17- Use spices to season food – they add flavour and are very healthy aiding digestion and controlling blood sugar (cinnamon) and inflammation (turmeric).

18- Take advantage of the summer and berries being is season, eat lots of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

19- Do 20 bodyweight reps of either squats, pushups or lunges every morning after brushing your teeth. It will rev up your metabolism.

20- Stop using Vegetable Oils (rapeseed, canola, sunflower) when cooking – they are not stable at high temperatures and therefore make for bad cooking oil.

21- Try Coconut oil for cooking, and as a cheap efficient moisturiser.

22- Sneak in 20-30 minutes of walking everyday

23- Never stop learning, make sure you always have one book on the go about a topic you love.

24- In the evening dim the lights for a few hours prior to sleep. This allows melatonin to be releases, also sleep in a pitch black room.

25- Never exercise hard when you have slept badly or for only a few hours. Your body needs rest not more punishment.

26- Everyone should do 1-2 resistance training workouts a week.

27- Sprints are a cheap and easy form of exercise that are great for fat burning.

28- Try Yoga, either by attending a class or even by following a Yoga DVD.

29- Workouts should be simple and mainly consist of bodyweight movements (Squats, Dips, Chin-ups, Pushups etc)

30- If you can afford it, have a weekly back and shoulder massage. This will relieve the tension built up by living in the modern world.

31- Drink a maximum of 2 coffee’s or tea’s a day. Make sure they are high quality.

32- Hours of sleep before midnight are twice as effective as those after.

33- Don’t drink water with meals, it dilutes digestive enzymes.

34- Eat locally and seasonally when you can. Try new local vegetables. This food is more nutrient dense.

35- There is nothing wrong with real butter, eat it and cook with it. but use it in moderation.

36- Do healthy things to help live your life well. Don’t let your life revolve around being healthy!

37- Don’t overdo it on the animal protein. Buy high quality meats less often.

38- If you can’t get to sleep try a herbal tea and an apple.

39- Always breath into your belly through your nose, not through your mouth into the chest.

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