Herbal STEVIA Sweetener
100% Natural

The natural remedy for diabetics.

ZiroCal contains no calories, and can be used for coffee, tea, juice, yoghurt, desserts, biscuits and more instead of sugar.

ZiroCal properties:
- Made from STEVIA sweet plants, and is much sweeter than sugar.
- May lowers blood sugar level and blood pressure.
- Suitable for diabetics.
- May prevents caries, and it is good for the gum, especially for children.
- May strengthens the nervous system, reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.
- Contains many vitamins like A and D and minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, calcium and magnesium.
- Pure organic product and have no bitter aftertaste. ZiroCal is 300-400 times sweeter than sugar.

Most famous brands offer often, cheap, unhealthy chemical sweeteners such as aspartame, which actually increase the blood pressure and sugar levels instead of decreasing it, and may cause depression and even Cancer.

The ingredients of these so called (sweeteners) consist sometimes 97% chemical sugar, including aspartame and not more than 3% natural sweetener.

Always read what is exactly printed on the labels, no matter where you buy it or what brand it has.

Aspartam and chemical sweeteners even in DIET products are addictive, and makes you FAT, they are designed for this reason. Why? Because when you become fat you'll get sick as well. You'll buy medications (money) and pay for doctors (money) and pharmacies (money). The more drugs you are using the more side effects you will get, and more sick you'll become (more money) and so on. They'll control the sides, and never cure anything. Everyone is sharing profits. The less people are talking about it, the more money will be made. No wonder why you'll feel sick all the time.

The body get used to Aspartame and Chemical sweeteners quickly and keeps asking for more sweeteners to get the same sweetness a domino effect follows.

Many studies suggested that Chemical sweeteners may causes depression, obesity and even cancer. But making MORE MONEY by the Care sector, food and pharmaceutical industry seems to be much more important than a healthy community. And NO, all those administrations don't know anything about it, do they?

ZiroCal is healthy, and suitable for diabetics.

We import ORGANIC STEVIA directly from small farmers in Peru, and we assure you that we did physically inspected it there and got it approved by the official health authorities.

We offers 100% natural and pure organic product that contains no artificial flavorings or colorings as most famous brands does, online, in Drug stores or in Supermarkets.

5 drops are equal to 2 tea spoons of sugar. One bottle is equal to 1 kilogram of sugar as sweetner.

ZiroCal is alcohol-Free, odorless and contains no chemicals.

We offer quality products with passion.

1 bottle for 5,95 euros.

Prices including shipping in Europe.

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