The Drug traces eliminator & antioxidant BlastX.

The experiments conducted on the BlastX product has shown promising results on several ailments. This experimental drug which is not yet distributed to the public contains numerous natural ingredients. The recipe is supposed to be chemical-free and the use is declared safe. Besides, the oily nature of the solution makes the BlastX compound similar to the essential oils solutions. Indeed, the product is a mixture of herbal extracts that add each others effects in order to achieve better health for the user. Easily used and applied, this experimental dug would help the body relieve a great number of diseases and it is also used as a sports supplement that would help athletes enhance their performances.

What is BlastX?

BlastX is the commercial name given to a not-yet-commercialized product. It is an experimental drug that is supposed to have effects, mainly, on the skin health. It is an oil solution of well-selected herbal extracts that are known for being benefic for the human health and the body balance in general. The recipe of the BlastX experimental drug contains some essential oils that are Ozone and Oxygen-enriched and known to have antioxidant, anti-fungus and anti-inflammatory effects. This composition implicates that the product effects can go beyond the classical effects on skin and anti-free radicals.

The oil molecules are surrounded with Oxygen and Ozone molecules that will be released in the body after injecting, destroying fungal infections, neutralizing chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, hormones and all parasites in the body system.

BlastX and the skin-care effects:

The BlastX compound is a powerful solution anti-aging. In fact, the particular formula of this experimental drug stimulates the recovery and the growth of skin cells. This product also fights skin fungus and parasites. Moreover, this product enhances the recovery of the skin wounds and relieves any skin infections. These actions are destined to preserve a healthy epidermis and enhance the overall health of the skin. these are the basic effects of a skin care product intended to relieve aging symptoms.

BlastX and the antioxidant effects:

The laboratory experiments on the BlastX drug have demonstrated a capacity of catching and neutralizing free-radicals. This action, referred to by free-radical scavenging, makes the compound a great candidate to act as an antioxidant. It is important to signal that free radicals are found within the body as results of some metabolic reactions; however, they are considered to be toxic elements that the body has to remove quickly before they alter the cells anatomies and disturb the balances. As results of the high amount of free-radicals, there might be cancers and a weakened immune system. BlastX can, therefore, reduce the risk of cancers and helps to enhance the immune system.

BlastX and the medicine effects:

BlastX experimental drug has shown satisfying and impressive results when it comes to treating some viral and parasite infections. The fact is the BlastX formula helps the cells to recover and rebuild their memories; by definition, immune cells are categorized in defense   cells and in memory cells.

Actually, the particular formula of the present compound helps the body in several ways, such as:

  • Blood pressure regulation.
  • Relieving joint pain and arthritis.
  • Relieving AIDS and cancer symptoms.
  • Diabetes regulation.
  • Cholesterol regulation.

Some others actions can be noticed, such detoxification of the whole body and especially the liver, kidney and the intestines; relieving the nerves; and reducing swelling and inflammations are not minor effects but they are to prove with further experiments.

 BlastX as a supplement for sports:

The BlastX drug is enriched with oxygen and can, therefore, help with energizing athletes during workout sessions and during performances. This effect is indirect but it is clearly and undoubtedly verified. This compound will definitely help the body cleanse the muscles, and will improve the supplying process by enhancing the blood circulation and, indeed, by adding the oxygen fraction it carries to the whole oxygen uptake.

Use and conservation of BlastX:

The BlastX solution is better conserved in dark at 4°C. It is used intravenously by injecting 5ml two or three times a week. Please bear in mind that the product is still under laboratory test and it is only given away for laboratory research.

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