Tranquilizer: friendly product to friendly pets.

Pets are the friends of the man, they may be naturally born with hyperactivity patterns; they may also acquire the aggressive pattern under stress and traumatic conditions. To get them back to a normal state, Tranquilizer which is still in the experimental phase has the potential of stabilizing the mood and reducing the aggressive patterns. This way, the pets will be more friendly and will be relieved from the stressing situations.

Introducing Tranquilizer

Tranquilizer is the laboratory name of the solution intended to relieve dogs and cats, in particular stressing conditions. The product is a solution of Acepromazine. The dosage is set to 10 mg per ml. The tranquilizer is an intramuscular injection evaluated upon the overall weight of the animal (0.15-0.20 mg /kg).

What are the stressing conditions?

The stressing conditions are the conditions that irritate the pet and make it unstable, restless or exhibit high aggressiveness. These situations are mainly retention and captivity state. These situations are noticed in laboratory cages and during experiments; they are also common situations during transportation (caged or not). The stressing conditions can occur in cages of refuges for lost and homeless pets.

What is the tranquilizer active ingredient:

The active ingredient is the Acepromazine known for its power ul effect especially on the nerves of dogs. This component is a derivative of Phenothiazine. This ingredient has several benefits notably:

It appears that the Tranquilizer has an anesthetic-like activity due to the presence f the Acepromazine.


This product; t is not yet distributed to the public. However, all irritating effects are to be reported and relieved.

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