Vramagra: the first viagra for females.

Usually, aphrodisiac products are destined to the male. They are all intended to boost the levels of a certain hormone called testosterone. Boosting is achieved through several processes, from increasing the production of testosterone to reducing the degradation of this hormone. Now, you hereby witness the shift toward the gender equality; Vramagra is the libido booster destined and designed exclusively for women. The product would create a sexual drive within few minutes at little dosages, and the effects will last for a long time.

What is Vramagra?

Vramagra is a dietary supplement. It has no smell, no taste, and no color. Easy of usage and the effects are fast. Vramagra contains ingredients that are supposed to induce the female sex drive to go up, along with appealing behavioral and physiological traits that will make men respond quickly to the female temptation.

Besides, Vramagra makes women in a state of “lust”. The female body will respond with signs of arousal and excitement such as:

  • High sensitive breasts (nipples).
  • Lubricated sexual tract (wet vagina).
  • Excited sexual organ (erected clitoris).

These signs, which are the result of the excitement and the female arousal, have reverse effects. In other words, the induction of these modifications stimulates the sexual drive.

Effects of the Vramagra intake:

The Vramagre consumption induces the augmentation of the heart beats rhythm and will induce a heavy breathing cycle. This will increase the amount of blood that reaches the sensitive regions ( lips, chicks, breasts, clitoris…).

Actually, the ingredients, secretly kept by the manufacturer, are likely to induce the pre-ovulatory peaks of the female hormones. As consequences, female mentality goes soft and appealing.

Besides, the ingredients of Vramagra help boosting the entire metabolism functions, the way in enhances the energy supplies of the body. This is probably to suffice to the energy demands of the eventual intercourse to happen.

Side effects of the Vramagra supplement:

This compound is declared to be made up of herbal extract and, therefore, no major side effects are to be noticed at the prescribed dosage. However, the overdose is to signal to the physician or to a professional. The side effects related to an overdose are mainly chest pains, fainting, dizziness and irregular heartbeats.

Precautions of use:

Vramagra is taken at the pace of two capsules mixed to any drink except alcohol. It is recommended to not use it only if necessary. Also, it is recommended not to take it if the patient is already on a nitrate-based drug. Extreme vigilance is recommended when taking Vramagra and intent to drive or handle heavy machinery or perform any action that requires attention and concentration.

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