NanoKur: New Anticancer Experimental IV injection.

A 100% Natural IV injection, with Curcumin, extracted from Curcuma roots, 10mg/ml.

Curcumin and other dietary polyphenols are very important in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Minimally invasive therapy that can provide effective and sustained and highly valuable tools in the fight against cancer.

This new injectable product contains microparticle formulation of curcumin as a novel approach to breast cancer chemoprevention.

When injected subcutaneously, curcumin microparticles showed marked anticancer efficacy in nude mices.

Repeated systemic injections with curcumin microparticles are used in private clinics as an alternative treatment to diminish tumor microvessels. A sustained delivery of chemopreventives such as curcumin using polymeric microparticles is a promising new approach to cancer chemoprevention and therapy.

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