Natural Joints & Back pain treatment.


3SA is 100% Natural Pain killer Pain and skin treatment.
3SA is a Natural but a high-tech product & solution too.
3SA is a new product for joints & muscles pain.
3SA is the result of years of experience and a long search looking for a natural remedy that works efficiently especially for diabetics.

3SA is suitable for muscles and joints injuries, neurological disorder, infections.

3SA spray with the beneficial plants extracts and substances, is made with purified ionized and oxygenated water (enriched with oxygen). The structure of water will change by this treatment and became thinner, opens the body cells and allows plants extracts and substances to be better and faster absorbed through the skin and into the body.

Directions: apply 2-3 times daily to the painful and / or swollen areas and rub it gently.

3SA is alcohol- & oil-Free, have a nice soft & smooth odor, contain no harsh chemicals, and disappears as it works.

3SA is very safe to use and therefore washing hands after application is not necessary.

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