Fluoride is poison

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fluorine in the form of fluorides is a trace element that is only considered essential for the building of teeth. There is debate about whether we naturally get enough of it or not.

There are concerns about the effects of fluoride use in society, which is why drinking water is not fluoridated in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This still happens in English-speaking countries. The use of fluoride began in the United States in the 1930s. The steel and aluminum industry sat with fluorine compounds that were released as waste. The introduction of these wastes into the environment caused massive fish mortality, degeneration of joints in cows and in people headaches, abdominal pain, skin complaints, pain in the eyes and malaise. Children who drank water from sources with a high fluoride content were also given ugly, brown-toned teeth. It was thought that these teeth were harder.

Harmful consequences
Fluoride compounds were then used as anti caries. Scientists quickly identified health problems in people who used fluoride.

Around 1960 the Dutch government decided to add fluoride to the drinking water. They did this ” in the interest of public health with regard to tooth decay”. Around 1970, groups emerged that did not see the benefits of fluoridation and stated that there were many harmful consequences.

Gradually, more and more municipalities responded to the government’s call for fluoridation of drinking water. Around that time there were also ‘anti-fluorine committees’. After a long period of arguments, discussion and information days, it was decided in the Netherlands that fluoride would no longer be added to drinking water.

According to a columnist from the British newspaper The Guardian, the Nazis used fluoride in concentration camps to keep people under control. Another columnist placed fluoride in the same row as lead and arsenic.

YouTube / breakingtheset.

The Bizarre History Of Fluoride.

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