Immunity, Anti-aging, Sleep, Pain, Blood pressure, Blood fat, blood sugar, Kidney & Liver detoxification.

Goji Wolfberry Extract can:
– Tonify the kidney,
– Enhance immunity.
– Nutritional & tonify the lungs.
– Decrease acidic content in blood.
– In conditions with a consumptive cough.
– Reduce blood pressure and to lower lipid levels.
– Supply body fluid and increase internal secretion.
– Tonic for the eyes, poor blood circulation, dizziness, blurred vision, and diminished sight.

100% Natural

BigBoxLabs Medical Holistic Research, Microbiological Blood Analysis, Cupping Therapy, Hijama therapy, الحجامة

Ganoderma Mushroom Extract can:
– Increase appetite,
– Improve sleep,
– Relieve pain,
– Improve wellbeing,
– Renew body strength,
– Improve the quality of life.

100% Natural


Shitake Mushroom Extract can:

  1. Reduce serum cholesterol.
  2. Prevent blood from clotting.
  3. Improve immune function, anti-cancer properties.
  4. Adjust immunity, anti-aging.
  5. Lower blood levels of cholesterol and lipids.
  6. Be very valuable for hepatitis, anti-tumor and liver protection.

100% Natural.


Shilajit can:

  1. Purify blood.
  2. Enhance skin elasticity.
  3. Promotes Brain Health
  4. May Help Manage Diabetes.
  5. Good for the Heart and Blood.
  6. Strengthen the nervous system.
  7. Provides Energy and Revitalization
  8. Pain relieving and anti-inflammatory.
  9. Regulates Hormones and Immune System
  10. Help Depression, Mental fatigue, Epilepsy, Hemiplegia.
  11. Increase intelligence level, concentration and learning ability.
  12. Arthritic conditions, back pain and other joint related problems.
  13. Give wonderful results in case of indigestion, gastric irritation, abdominal pain and constipation.

100% Natural


Big Box Labs Medical Holistic Research, Microbiological Blood Analysis, Cupping Therapy, Hijama therapy, الحجامة

Cordyceps CS4 Mushroom Extract can be used to:
– Protect the heart.
– Anti-fatigue and anti-aging.
– Allergic asthma and allergic dermatitis.
– Improve immunity and inhibit tumor growth.
– Reduce blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.
– Provide stamina and endurance, nourishing kidney.
– Improve liver detoxification to prevent cirrhosis.
– Promote muscle nutrition, for children. middle aged and elderly.
– Ideal for children to promote growth and development in intelligence.
– Raise the exercise tolerance, improve sleep, appetite and enhance immunity.

100% Natural

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