Alaqoil for Big, Long, Large, Strong Penis

Alaqoil is 100% Natural herbal based massage oil for penis enlargement and great Climax. Unbelievable increase in Penis tension, Passions, Climax groan and satisfaction for male & female. Surprise & Exhaust her with your greatness.

• Row over 30 minutes continuously without pain in the penis.
• Increase your Penis tension at least twice as often.
• Experience the passion you never imagined before.
• Maximize your and Her Climax, and enjoy sex you’ve never tasted before.
• Make her groan continuously and give her the satisfaction she never had.
• Makes your body wet with a sweaty sweat for a 30-minute speeding lapse.
• Make her so ferocious for being surprised by your greatness.
• Offer her several climaxes she never had as you paddle speed.
• Exhaust her while you can still play great.


It is recommended for a first time user to massage the groin with the oil and following with the below suggested massage technique, twice a day, morning and night, (do not wash of the oil after massaging) .After desired result is achieved, the frequency of application can be reduced, around 2-3 times weekly on a regular basis.

Massage from the base to the head of the penis on the right and left side. Press the skin at the base of the penis if the skin is loose. Repeat 5 times.

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